It's not too late, right?

I’m going to try this again, because why not.

First of all, hey, it’s been a while. Second of all, yes, this will continue to be where I post photos of myself taken by others. But wait, isn’t that just your instagram? Uh, maybe —yes— shut up! But maybe it’ll also be a bit more than that! Who knows, I’m not really setting up any expectations for myself and just going to see where it goes.

Here’s a good start. Below is my Texas Color Story:

Autumn 3

A few weeks have passed since I've posted adventure photos, not without lack of trying. I have images in my catalog ready to go, I just needed to post the ones I took today with two of my siblings Caroline and Chris. I always end up getting them to do some modeling for me, while my older brother isn't as into it... one day I'll get him in front of the camera, but until then enjoy these portraits in front of a hedge. 

Autumn 2

Alex and I went away, again. This time we went to the country, where we visited some familiar places. We celebrated five years together - which is ~technically~ the 29th of October, but I've just been celebrating all month, because why not? Most of the long weekend was spend unplugged, mostly because service was sparse, but we enjoyed this incredible weekend apple picking, making pie, and binge watching the beautiful series "Over the Garden Wall" sitting by the fire. Perfect. Weekend. Here are a few snaps. 

A Few Weeks Abroad

For 18 days my family, boyfriend, and I flew to Poland to visit family and celebrate my grandfather's eightieth birthday. Here are a few images from where my parents grew up, along with a weekend trip to Prague with my boyfriend.

My grandmother's old greenhouse on my father's side, which belongs to my aunt now after her passing.

My grandmother on my mother's side, who reluctantly lets me photograph her. I just can't help it though, she is such a beautiful soul

My father picking from the fifty year old cherry tree his own father planted 

My sister during a bike ride to the train station down the dirt road.

My grandfather's manual lawnmower, on my mother's side

Roses from the Prague Castle Royal Gardens

Savannah Instax

So I splurged on an Fuji Instax camera while I was in Savannah, mostly because I was jealous my friend Kiara was taking such cute pics, as well as having a pack of film already, all ready to use. What could go wrong? My exposure. I love them, but I think I need to learn the nuances of the Savannah sun before I take instants there again! These are some snaps from the last two days. 

Savannah: Day 1 & 2

I'm currently in Savannah, GA on spring break, and it is the most LOVELY time. After hectic work and school schedules, it's absolutely necessary to spend some time in a sleepy city, just biking around having a grand time with your best friend. Savannah is the type of city you say you wanna live in, but ultimately it's just the best vacation spot in the world where you can visit just enough to feel like a local. The way my body is wiired is to be addicted to a busy schedule to feel like you're actually living your life fully. Kiara and I rented bikes, which was so WORTH IT. We're biking everywhere from up and down town to Bonaventure Cemetery and all around. My butt hurts a lot though. Well, anyway, here are some pics! (iPhone only, others will come in a later post)  

 Here we are arriving in SAV train station, the bathroom tiles were nice to me. 

Here we are arriving in SAV train station, the bathroom tiles were nice to me. 

 Here is a lone daisy

Here is a lone daisy

 First stop: Bike tour

First stop: Bike tour

 We got too drunk so we almost fell asleep in Forsyth Park

We got too drunk so we almost fell asleep in Forsyth Park

New York: Review

Here is where I'll write about New York in full. What I thought of each meeting, what lessons I learned that will stick with me, and how I grateful I am for the opportunity. For now it's just this post. I plan on expanding/editing this post in the future with more depth, but I still need a little time to put my thoughts together. You can check my past two posts for little overviews of the trip! 

Halloween Weekend

Halloween weekend was one of the first weekends that was semi-relaxing since school and work started picking up. My boyfriend came up from New Jersey for our four year anniversary, where we went to Good Luck, our favorite restaurant up in Rochester (the burger will be the best thing you've ever eaten in your life.) 

On Halloween, we spent the morning trying the famous Pour Coffee, where the barista made an adorable ghost in my latte. Needless to say, my day was made. 

Later, I had people over for dinner and games before heading out for the night's parties. Alex and I dressed up as a 20's couple, me wearing a beaded dress, and Alex putting on a matching vest, pants, and hat. I took a bunch of Instax pictures from that night, including everyone's outfits, and I plan to scan and upload them for next week's blog post!